Anyone else doing NaNo this year? I was going to, but the day job won’t make it possible. Not if I want to have…you know…a real life. The Man said something something, blah blah, feeding the kids, blah blah, housework, blah blah holidays coming. Doesn’t the real world understand all I want to do is write? Ugh. LOL

So instead of stressing myself to write like a maniac, I’m going to focus on edits on current projects and getting them posted on Amazon. I thought about using a publisher, but honestly? I decided it’s better to just put it out there and see what happens. It’s all shorter stuff anyway, and dark. I know a lot of publishers like to tone darker romance and erotica down so I’m going to take the advice of my friends and DIY the process. Who knows? Maybe I’ll decide it’s too much work.

So how do you fit NaNo in with your “normal” life? (I know, normal, that’s an insult. I’m sorry. LOL Writers are seldom “normal.”)