The Roswell Pack books are set mostly in and around Yellowstone National Park, and despite the name are not paranormal books. They are sort of sci-fi-ish…


Book 1 – Jayk: Mated

[mf, with mfmm, dub-con, sci-fi-ish, capture, 31k words]

It’s 1974, and Katherine Fornier is a determined Penn State grad student who lands a fellowship working with a scientist in Yellowstone and studying the supervolcano. She’s determined to make history unraveling the workings of the geothermal systems and how they can be used for clean energy. The last thing she wants or needs is a man in her life. Not until she’s earned her doctorate and made a name for herself.

Jackson Thomas is the eldest of four sons. Something about that brother in particular, and his whole family in general, is…different. And not just their gorgeous cobalt blue eyes, either. But Katherine is originally from New York City. She figures the oddities are just cultural differences between her and the Montana family. Although Jackson is, admittedly, quite the hunky catch.

What Katherine doesn’t realize is that Jackson and his family are more than she understands. Their history originates farther away than she can possibly imagine.

And Jackson Thomas wants Katherine as his mate.

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roswelljayk2_medBook 2 – Jayk: Married 

[mf, with mfmm, dub-con, sci-fi-ish, capture, bondage, 31k words]

It’s 1974. Penn State grad student Katherine Fornier came to Yellowstone to study the supervolcano and ended up in the arms of handsome and mysterious Jackson Thomas. She’s not sure what the Thomas family is, but they aren’t normal humans. If their cobalt blue eyes weren’t a clue, the strange “feral” state they can shift into sure is.

She’s still not entirely sure she believes their story about the Roswell crash, or their extra-terrestrial origins, though.

One thing’s for certain—Jackson Thomas has claimed Katherine as his mate. While she doesn’t know what part two of the three-part process entails, he’s encouraged her to fight with her body while letting him into her mind.

Only problem is, she’s not so sure she wants to keep fighting him. Or his three sexy brothers.


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roswelljayk3_med Book 3 – Jayk: Bred (Coming June, 2015)

[mf, with mfmm, dub-con, sci-fi-ish, capture, bondage, fisting]

It’s 1974, and the last thing doctoral student Katherine Fornier expected when she traveled to Yellowstone to work on her research was to end up in the arms of Jackson Thomas.

And she has to accept the facts—Jackson and the rest of his family aren’t exactly locals.

They’re aliens.

Alien aliens.

She’s undergone two of a three-part mating ritual that will officially make her part of their family. Not that she minds sharing her bed or her body with Jackson’s three hunky brothers, but it’s still a challenge for her to accept that this is normal for their kind and not something to be ashamed of. Although she does like the fact that where Jackson comes from, women are in charge and call the shots. She won’t just be his mate and wife—she’ll own him completely.

What she is nervous about, despite Jackson’s assurances, is the third part of the ceremony. Rhsaytla, thsaytla, vhsaytla—mated, married…


All she knows is her body burns for Jackson and the pleasure he gives her, and she’ll do whatever it takes to stay with him.