roswelljayk2_medRoswell Pack Book 2 – Jayk: Married 

I’m so excited! Book 2 in my Roswell Pack series, Jayk: Married, is now available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Smashwords! Yay! This picks up exactly where book 1 leaves off.  Woo hoo!


[mf, with mfmm, dub-con, sci-fi-ish, capture, bondage, 31k words]

It’s 1974. Penn State grad student Katherine Fornier came to Yellowstone to study the supervolcano and ended up in the arms of handsome and mysterious Jackson Thomas. She’s not sure what the Thomas family is, but they aren’t normal humans. If their cobalt blue eyes weren’t a clue, the strange “feral” state they can shift into sure is.

She’s still not entirely sure she believes their story about the Roswell crash, or their extra-terrestrial origins, though.

One thing’s for certain—Jackson Thomas has claimed Katherine as his mate. While she doesn’t know what part two of the three-part process entails, he’s encouraged her to fight with her body while letting him into her mind.

Only problem is, she’s not so sure she wants to keep fighting him. Or his three sexy brothers.


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