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Where’ve I been?

This has been a long, crazy winter and spring so far. That pesky real-life stuff (The Man, the brood, etc) has gotten in the way of my “fun” writing. Gah! But I’m almost ready to post Jayk: Married to various bookstores. Won’t be long after that until I get Jayk: Bred posted.

When I was asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I said three weeks alone with my laptop and an endless supply of chocolate and coffee to get all these projects finished and published. (I hope that doesn’t make me a horrible mother, but it’s impossible to write hot dub-con alien sexehness when there are kids and animals wanting to be fed and walked/bathed/clean clothes.) Needless to say, I haven’t been very active on Facebook or Twitter lately, either.

I really need to do a better job updating my blog. I see other writers doing what looks like a bazillion hours of work every day and feel like a loser for not managing a single dang blog post more often.

And I got my first “this is just rape” review for Jayk: Mated. Yay! A couple of writer friends of mine who’ve been doing this professionally far longer than I have (in fiction) told me that means I’m “officially” a “professional.” Wahooz, go me. 🙂 I knew after talking to a bunch of writer friends that I’d have to self-publish, because the kind of dark and dub-con erotica I really wanted to write isn’t the kind of stuff publishers usually like to…publish. I mean, yes, the woman does eventually say yes, and there are legit reasons for the whys (alien dudes and mating rituals, hellooo), but it is kind of over the top of the norm. But others have bought Jayk: Mated and seem to enjoy it, so cool. I’m glad there are other people out there with my literary…tastes. (Haha!) Yes, heroines and heroes who “do it” with all consent and etc are fun, but sometimes I just want that…bite, ya know? And I’ve read other books out there that tell me I’m not the only one. So writing this stuff seemed a natural fit for self-pubbing.

Okay, enough time wasted. Back to the salt mines, and thanks for reading!


…if you type “hunky men” into Google and hit the search button, you get an amusing and disturbing mix of really hot guys…and really…um… Yeah.

Election 2014

The Man and I voted. Can I say that it sucks when the best thing you can say about the candidates is I went for the least objectionable? UGH.

Did you go vote? I think next year I’ll do the mail-in thing.


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